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12 & Under Mixed Doubles Lauren Murphy/Noah Parfitt 1st Katherine Heseltine/Jack Timmins R/U

Girls 12 & Under Lauren Murphy 1st Katherine Heseltine R/U

Boys 12 & Under Jack Timmins 1st Noah Parfitt R/U

Boys 16 & Under Rob Heseltine 1st Nic Le Pers R/U

Mixed Doubles 1 & 2

Men's Doubles 1 & 2

Women's Doubles 1 & 2

Jessica Porter Singles

Jesse & Howard Singles 1 & 2

Mid Air Jig

Taylee Davidson

What Happened?

The Catterall Slice

Just Block This

Oooh That Hurts

Rob Heseltine

Rob Heseltine

Rob Heseltine

Rob Heseltine


Take That Jesse

Extreme Grip

And Shake It All About

Kick You Right Foot Out

Jessica Porter

Jessica Porter

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