Coaching at Samford Tennis Club

COVID-19 UPDATE: Samford Tennis Club is open for court hire for singles and doubles while practicing social distancing and hygiene inline with government recommendations

Award-winning Southern Cross Tennis offers coaching and squads catering for all ages and abilities in Samford.

Blue Hotshots (3-5 Years)

Fundamental and Perceptual Motor Skills is perfect for players too young to start normal tennis. It gives every player the fundamentals, using 25% compressed balls.

Red Hotshots (5-8 Years)

Designed for kids coming into tennis early, Red Hotshots uses 25% compressed balls and smaller courts being 3m x 8.23m. This allows the players to have more success.

Orange Hotshots (8-10 Years)

For players aged 8-10 years old or players that have been moved up from Red, Orange Hotshots uses 50% compressed balls with a court size of 6.4m x 18.29m. This allows players to get used to a bigger court.

Green Hotshots (10+ Years)

For players aged 10+ years old or players that have been moved up from Orange, Green Hotshots uses 75% compressed balls with full court to allow players to progress further.

Junior Development Squad

Using standard compressed balls and full court, Junior Development Squad is for players that are serious about tennis. The Junior Development Squad focuses on technical fundamentals and match tactics.  By invitation only.

Cardio Tennis

With upbeat music to motivate you, heart-rate monitors to check your fitness levels and calorie burn, and low compression balls to make striking the ball that much easier, this is a fun, tennis-based workout like no other!  Great for getting back into tennis, improving your fitness and your game.

Private Tennis Lessons

One-on-one coaching in private or split lessons work on technical weakness and match play techniques. The player's level will determine the court size and ball used (red, orange, green or yellow ball).

Full Time Tennis

Specially designed program to cater for players trying to become professional or obtain a college scholarship in the USA, this intense program includes yearly planners, elite training schedules, nutrition and much more.

Elite Squad

Serious players looking to play tournaments and improve match techniques should consider our Elite Squad. Tournament planners can be designed for players.  By invitation only.

Tennis Birthday Party!!

Tennis party is 2 hours of fun and games for kids. All players are kept active and entertained with tennis games. Southern Cross Tennis also includes a present for the birthday boy or girl and small party packs for all friends invited.


For more information, please contact Jessica Catterall from Southern Cross Tennis:

Phone 0466 883 899

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